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Our Metal Stamping Division can produce the tooling and provide stamping services up to 300Tons. We offer fully automated manufacturing capabilities to produce your parts with speed and efficiency while providing quality - on time delivery.  Our material handling and stock management service can increase your production capabilities with parts only a call or click away.  Contact us today, our friendly, knowledgable team is ready to assist.

Since 1982 we have been in the business of designing, building and running all kinds of Blanking Dies, Forming Dies, Progressive Dies, and everything in between. We work hand in hand with our customers to meet their production requirements, saving time and money allowing them to focus on what they do best. Contact Us today to find out how we can be your best partner and help you achieve your manufacturing goals.


P&D Machining
73 Millwick Drive
North York, Ontario


Phone: 416.749.1313
Fax: 416.749.1338